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Water Care

Water quality is critical to keeping a healthy, thriving aquarium. Municipal tap water contains chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, which are harmful to fish, and well water may contain heavy metals and other impurities that are toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. When filling your aquarium for the first time or doing routine water exchanges, it is extremely important to always use water conditioner or ammonia neutralizer to render tap water safe for your fish.

When setting up a new aquarium, the water can sometimes appear cloudy and water clarifier helps clump suspended particles together that can be siphoned out after they settle. Algae is a natural part of owning an aquarium. It can be controlled by limiting the amount of fish food, reducing the amount of light entering the aquarium and performing regular, partial water exchanges. In extreme cases, algae remover can be used to control green water blooms. It is safe for live fish and plants, but it is not formulated for crustaceans. Aquatic live plants work wonders inside an aquarium to control algae, add oxygen, help balance pH and provide natural beauty to freshwater aquariums.

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