AquaPacs™ Sludge Remover

Keep your fish tank pristine with Aqueon® AquaPacs™ Sludge Remover. These convenient balls effectively break down sludge, debris, and organic waste, converting them into harmless byproducts that can easily be removed through filtration, water changes, or gravel vacuuming. With a measureless formula, AquaPacs™ Sludge Remover is safe and easy to use, treating up to ten gallons of water per ball with no risk of overdosing. Spend less time on aquarium maintenance and enjoy cleaner water and a healthier environment for your fish with AquaPacs™ Sludge Remover.

  • Breaks up sludge, debris, and organic waste within the aquarium
  • Use to remove sludge buildup caused by uneaten food, fish waste, or decaying plant matter
  • Promotes a well-balanced aquatic environment for happy, thriving fish
  • One ball treats up to 10G of water
  • No measuring. No overdosing. No hassle.
  • Safe and easy to use, taking the guesswork out of water care
  • Safe for all freshwater aquariums


4 Pack, 10 Gallon





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