AquaPacs™ Water Clarifier

Achieve crystal-clear aquarium water with Aqueon® AquaPacs™ Water Clarifier. These convenient balls bind particles caused by food, debris, sediment, and tank maintenance together for easy removal through filtration or netting. Safe with no risk of overdosing, each AquaPacs™ ball treats up to ten gallons of water, promoting a well-balanced environment for thriving fish. Spend less time on water care and more time enjoying your fish with AquaPacs™ Water Clarifier.

  • Clears up cloudiness in water that may result from silt, debris, or tank maintenance
  • Use to treat cloudy water
  • Promotes a well-balanced aquatic environment for happy, thriving fish
  • One ball treats up to 10G of water
  • No measuring. No overdosing. No hassle.
  • Safe and easy to use, taking the guesswork out of water care
  • Safe for all freshwater aquariums


4 Pack, 10 Gallon





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