Ammonia Aquarium Test Strips

Elevate your aquarium care with Aqueon® Ammonia Aquarium Test Strips, a must-have tool for ensuring a clean and healthy aquatic environment for your fish. These test strips provide an easy and effective way to measure ammonia levels, a critical parameter that can impact the well-being and safety of your aquatic pets. Using Aqueon® Ammonia Aquarium Test Strips is a simple process. Just dip a strip into the aquarium water, remove the strip, and wait for a short period of time, and compare the color-coded results to the provided chart. This allows for quick and dependable testing, giving you accurate information about the ammonia levels in your aquarium. Accurate measurement of ammonia levels is essential, as high levels of ammonia can be toxic to fish, leading to stress, illness, and even fatalities. By regularly testing with Aqueon® Ammonia Aquarium Test Strips, you can identify any elevated ammonia levels and take the necessary corrective measures to maintain a healthy environment for your fish.

  • All-in-one testing to check Ammonia levels to keep fish safe
  • Fast and easy with results in 2 minutes
  • Detects any imbalances or concerns in water quality, enabling prompt corrective measures
  • Regular testing ensures a healthy environment for your fish and other inhabitants
  • Simply dip the strip into water, remove and wait, and compare the color-coded results to the chart for ammonia concentration levels
  • Depending on the results, a water change may be needed or use of an ammonia reducer in conjunction with a water change
  • For use with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums


50 Count





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