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Why Aqueon BlueIQ?

  • Takes the Guesswork Out
    Build your community tank using our complimentary guides and recommendations. Easily find out which fish get along, how many can be added to our tank (based on size), what to feed them, and get recommendations on the right size products to use in your aquarium!
  • Set Helpful Reminders
    Opt-in to receive daily reminders to feed your fish, weekly reminders to do your aquarium maintenance, and monthly reminders to change your filter cartridge. The app will also guide you in setting up your new aquarium with the right products and assortment of fish.
  • Expert Advice for FREE
    The app is free to download and use. Sign up and get access to all app features whether you have a smart product or not.
  • One App For All Your Needs
    Create a unique profile to track each of your aquariums separately, both freshwater and saltwater!
  • Full Control From Anywhere
    Once your smart product is connected to Wi-Fi, you will be able to control it from anywhere whether you want to adjust the intensity, color channels, turn off the power, or adjust the schedule.
  • Beneficial for All Fish Keepers
    You do not need a smart product to use Aqueon BlueIQ. The app has several other features that you can utilize without a product – monitor your aquarium, access to care guides, set reminders for yourself and more!

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Available with 3 Products!

Aqeon Smart LED Light
Aqueon® OptiBright®

Sizes: 18-24", 30-36", 48-54"

Aqueon Coralife Seascape Smart LED LIght
Coralife® SEASCAPE

Sizes: 18-24", 30-36", 48-54"

Aqueon BioCube Jr Aquarium
Coralife® SMART
BioCube®Jr Aquarium

Size: 14

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the difference between the SMART OptiBright & SMART Seascape?
    The SMART Seascape is tailored for saltwater aquariums with deeper blue LEDs, while the SMART OptiBright is designed for freshwater setups.
  • How do I add my smart light to the App using Wi-Fi
    or Bluetooth?
    Download Aqueon BlueIQ app, plug in your fixture, and open the app. Click Pair on the pop up and click the fixture you paired with. Decide whether you want to control using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Recommended to pair with Wi-Fi for full functionality. See instruction manual for more information.
  • How do I create a custom preset?
    After pairing with Wi-Fi, go to the Preset view and click New+ in the preset options. Name your custom preset, move the slider bars to find the setting you want, and click Update to save your custom preset. You will now be able to add this custom preset to your schedule.
  • Can I change my default schedule?
    Yes! You can override the default schedule by clicking the + in Schedule view and adding a given preset or a custom preset that you already created. You need to create the preset first before adding to Schedule. Each preset will need to be added separately if you want to run it at different times of the day.
  • Can I have the default schedule start at 10am instead of 8:30am?
    Yes, if you want to keep the default schedule and presets but have your day start at a different time, you can use the Shift Schedule feature, so Sunrise starts at the time you want. Once you decide when Sunrise starts, the rest of the schedule will shift accordingly and keep the optimized time per setting.
  • Can I control multiple lights with my app?
    Yes, you will have to pair each light to your account individually, and then each can be set up to its own light schedule and color options.

Light Benefits

Aqueon Light Benefits Medallion Complete Color

Complete Color Customization

Aqueon Light Benefits Medallion 24-7 Schedule

24/7 Scheduling

Aqueon Light Benefits Medallion Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Lighting

Aqueon Light Benefits Medallion Adjustable Light

Adjustable Light Intensity

Aqueon Light Benefits Medallion Mimic Natural

Mimic Natural Environments

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