Stick'ems™ Freeze-Dried High Protein Treat

Spoil your aquatic pets with an Aqueon Stick'ems Freeze-Dried High Protein Treat. These nutrient-dense treats feature spirulina seaweed, freeze-dried brine and Mysis shrimp that meat-eating carnivore and omnivore freshwater and marine fish enjoy. Stick the treats to the inside of the aquarium glass to make feeding time fun! You'll enjoy watching them up close and personal as they nibble away at the 1/2-inch treat cubes.

Aqueon is a trusted leader in aquatics foods and supplies. These entertaining treats offer everything aquarists are looking for, including top-nutritional quality, ease of use and, most importantly, an exciting way to engage with their pets.
  • INTERACTIVE MEAL TIME — Allows aquarium owners to bond with their pets thanks to an up-close, fish-eye view of their finned friends while they feed.
  • EASY TO USE — Stick the treat on the aquarium glass just under the waterline. It's that simple!
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS — So you know your pet fish get what they'd eat in the wild.
  • GREAT FOR PICKY EATERS — These tasty treats entice even the pickiest fish in your aquarium.
  • HIGH IN PROTEIN — Provides quality nutrition to fuel your pet's activities and keep them healthy.
  • TASTY TREAT — Even fish enjoy a tasty snack, and delicious ones easily attract your pets.
  • AN AWARD-WINNING PRODUCT — Aqueon Stick'ems Freeze-Dried Treat is a winner of the 2022 Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards.


0.7 oz





To use this fun treat, simply press a cube against the glass inside the aquarium. Place it just below the water's surface, where you can view it easily. Then, squish the soft cube, so all the air comes out to initiate the magic-sticking action. Your fish will swim up to investigate in no time! Allow the pets to feast for 5-10 minutes, then remove any uneaten food. Offer 1-3 cubes daily when you want to spend quality time watching your aquatic friends.


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