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Specialty Equipment

Specialty Equipment products can improve the success of your fishkeeping experience and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your livestock. Performing routine maintenance is key and having the right tools that are easy to use are essential.

Circulation pumps work to mimic the movement of a natural body of water, utility pumps power other equipment and air pumps typically power décor pieces. Cleaning is a major component of aquarium success. To help make cleaning easier there are siphon vacuum gravel cleaners, water changers and magnet cleaners. The main difference between siphons and water changers is that siphons can be used to remove dirty water and residue in the aquarium and substrate, whereas water changers not only remove dirty water and residue they also add back in clean tap water (that must be treated with a water conditioner). Magnet cleaners can stay inside the aquarium and are used to clean off the inside glass, as algae does have a tendency to build up and obstruct the aquarium view.

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