ProScraper 3.0™ Foam Cleaning Pad & Twist&Click ™ Head

Aqueon® ProScraper 3.0™ Twist&Click™ Head and Foam Cleaning Pads are a great option to add onto your Aqueon® ProScraper 3.0™ Short or Adjustable Scraper to scrub unwanted algae from any aquarium. The Twist & Click™ design makes it easy to switch between the cleaning foam pad and the blades to thoroughly clean the aquarium. It works on both glass and acrylic aquariums to remove the algae from the aquarium walls. The pad’s special micropore structure improves cleaning ability over standard polyester pads and sponges. It can also be used without a scraper. Use the blue polyester pad for hard scrubbing and micropore foam side for soft scrubbing.



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