Aquarium Essentials Kit

Dive into the aquatic world with an Aqueon® Aquarium Essentials Kit! This starter bundle ensures your underwater paradise thrives with the QuietFlow® LED PRO Power Filter for crystal-clear water. The Preset Heater features a suction cup mount and precise 78ºF setting to maintain ideal temperature. The kit includes essential tools such as a Fish Net and Thermometer for easy maintenance, plus, with Food and Water Care Samples, aquatic pets get top-notch nutrition and tap water stays safe. Elevate your aquarium experience with the Aqueon® Aquarium Essentials Kit, designed for aquatic excellence in every detail.

  • Simply pair with your aquarium of choice, add custom lighting, gravel, décor, and an aquarium stand, and you'll be on your way to a healthy, happy aquatic wonderland
  • Bundle and save! Couple with an Aqueon® Glass Aquarium to get additional savings on lighting, food & water care with the tank rebate!
  • Includes many of the items needed to build your own custom aquatic environment
  • Designed for use with 10G aquariums
  • Consists of: QuietFlow® LED PRO Power Filter 10, Medium Filter Cartridge, Preset Heater 50W, Fish Net, Thermometer, Food and Water Care Samples
  • QuietFlow® 10 LED PRO Power Filter: features LED cartridge change indicator, self-starting functionality, and a five-stage filtration system; includes Medium Filter Cartridge and Ammonia Reducing Specialty Pad
  • Preset Heater 50W: includes a suction cup mount and precise 78ºF setting to maintain ideal temperature
  • Thermometer: easy to read and adheres to the side of the aquarium
  • Mesh Net: easily remove fish or unwanted residue during cleaning
  • Food & Water Care Samples: Aqueon® food contains natural, premium ingredients for complete nutrition and the water conditioner makes tap water safe for fish


14.961 x 6.811 x 4.415






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