Should I Graduate to Saltwater?

In the past saltwater aquariums were thought to be mysterious and extremely difficult to maintain, but that’s no longer true. The saltwater aquarium hobby continues to grow in popularity, thanks to the development of high-quality equipment and support products, as well as a better understanding of the needs of marine organisms and how to provide them. This leads many freshwater hobbyists and complete novices to consider keeping a saltwater aquarium.

While it is true that the marine aquarium hobby is a little more expensive than freshwater, hobbyists can start out with a basic Fish-Only setup and progress into invertebrates and live corals as their budgets and expertise allow. Is saltwater more complicated? Perhaps. Understanding a few things about water chemistry is important to keeping a saltwater aquarium, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be successful. The basic principles of aquarium keeping are essentially the same for fresh and saltwater.

The key to success is to go slowly, read as much as you can, and stay within your means. Seek out a saltwater expert and stick with one person for advice until you gain enough experience to venture off on your own. There are many different techniques and methods for success, but they don’t all work for everyone all the time. Furthermore, mixing different bits and pieces of information can lead to unexpected results. Make sure you understand the needs and compatibility of all livestock before purchasing. Quarantine all new livestock purchases before introducing them to your display tank.

Start out with the largest aquarium and the best equipment you can afford. Bigger tanks are more stable and more forgiving of beginner mistakes. Quality equipment will perform as advertised and hold up over time. Make sure you understand the capabilities and limitations of all equipment before you buy.

Many aquarium hobbyists have found it helpful to begin with fresh water and then upgrade to saltwater, but it certainly isn’t a prerequisite. Marine aquarium keeping requires a little more patience and certainly a little more money than freshwater, but with proper planning and research, it’s something that anyone can do successfully, regardless of previous experience.

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