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Welcome to the Aqueon Community page, a gathering place for aquarists to get ideas and inspire others! At Aqueon we’re all about fishkeeping and fish keepers and the most important people in the world to us are you, enthusiasts. We want to hear from you, see your aquariums and get to know your favorite fish. Like us on Facebook and follow our posts and announcements to have your own aquarium considered for a feature on our community page!

A great way to share information and learn about new techniques is to get involved with a local aquarium organization. Millions of people share your love for aquarium keeping, and many are located right in your community. Whether you’re a beginner, a dedicated enthusiast or a budding fish breeder, your local aquarium society is a valuable resource and an excellent way to meet new people.

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Featured Tanks

Arlene T 40 Breeder neon tetras Serpae tetras with Anubias and java moss plants

Arlene T.

Size 40, Breeder neon tetras, serpae tetras with anubias, and java moss plants
Joe O size 120 brilliant rasboras rainbow sharks with Vallisneria plants

Joe O.

Size 120, brilliant rasboras rainbow sharks with vallisneria plants
Lynn F size 32 Serpae tetras with giant Hygro and Cryptocorine plants

Lynn F.

Size 32, serpae tetras with giant hygro and cryptocorine plants