Pro Foods – Revitanew® Formula

Aquarium fish are subjected to different forms of stress on their way to our aquariums, and even after they've arrived. The fundamental goal of Aqueon® PRO Revitanew® formula is to holistically combat the negative effects of stress on fish.

What Causes Stress in Fish?

Fish can be stressed in many ways, but here are some of the more common causes:

  • Shipping delays, rough handling during transport
  • Improper acclimation to new habitat
  • Poor water quality (i.e. ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)
  • Improper water chemistry (pH, hardness, alkalinity) and temperature
  • Improper diet
  • Improper habitat – lack of cover, hiding places
  • Aggression from other fish
  • Sudden environmental changes
  • Lights on 24 hours/day

Aqueon Revitanew Formula

How Does Stress Affect Your Fish's Health?

Compromises Immune System – when fish are stressed, their immune systems are weakened because their bodies must divert energy to deal with that stress. This makes them more susceptible to diseases.

Inhibits Feeding Response – when fish are stressed, they are usually not interested in eating, which further compromises their immune system and general health.

Shortens Lifespan - diverting energy to counter chronic stress means fish have less energy in reserve to stay healthy. They may eventually succumb to a disease or die due to other health-related complications.

Inhibits Growth & Development - chronically stressed fish have less energy for growth and proper development.

Mutes Colors - putting on bright colors requires energy, and stressed fish may not have sufficient energy reserves to devote to color. They may also mute color to be less conspicuous to aggressive fish.

Inhibits Breeding - reproducing requires large amounts of energy, especially for female fish. Fish that are under stress are less likely to spawn.

Affects Behavior – stressed fish may hide, swim nervously or dart about the aquarium risking injury to themselves or other tank mates. They may even try to escape by jumping out of the aquarium!

How Do I Know If My Fish Are Stressed?

Here are some signs your fish may be stressed:

  • Little or no appetite
  • Physical injuries, torn fins
  • Hiding, cowering behind objects, or laying on the bottom of the tank
  • Remaining motionless, nose-up in an upper corner of the aquarium
  • Loss of color
  • Rapid breathing, gasping at the surface

How Can I Prevent Stress to My Fish?

  • Buy from Reputable Stores
  • Proper Transport and Acclimation
  • Feed them Aqueon® Revitanew® Food
  • Maintain Pristine Water Quality
  • Maintain Proper Water Chemistry and Temperature
  • Provide the Proper Diet
  • Create the Right Habitat
  • Choose Compatible Tank Mates
  • Avoid Overcrowding
  • Provide a Consistent Day/Night Cycle

How Does Revitanew® Food Help Reduce the Effects of Stress?

  • Helps support immune systems when fish are transported to retailers or home aquarists' aquariums
  • Helps support immune systems when fish are being treated for or recovering from diseases or injuries
  • Replenishes extra calories and energy expended in stressful situations
  • Helps prepare fish, particularly females, for the rigors of spawning
  • Ingredients are chosen to replicate the natural foods fish eat, providing them with proper nutrition and reducing the risk of further weakening while countering the effects of stress