There is no better way to become captivated with the fishkeeping hobby than by setting up your own aquatic environment and experiencing its beauty as it thrives. Aqueon provides helpful resources, education, and information necessary for continued learning about the diverse world of aquatics. Ultimately this content is meant to nurture long-lasting success for fish hobbyists and enthusiasts for years to come! 

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The three most important yet basic tips for fish owners that will help guide them towards successful aquarium results

large sized fish tank with dark background and lights turned on illuminating fish inside

Select articles that provide information such as what to expect, what to do and not to do, choosing products, and more.

picture of a brightly multi-colored cichlid

Care sheets provide information about common types of aquarium life such as general care information, background, behavior, etc. 

Our community page showcases aquarium images from our followers and also puts you in touch with local aquatic societies.

Provides a listing of some of the aquatic shows and events that are being held throughout North America.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been collected and answered by our team of experts for a helpful resource!

All Aqueon product instructions and setup guides have been compiled and listed in one location for easy access.


View helpful videos produced by Aqueon: educational videos, product set up & use videos, and product showcase videos.